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Wrecked Definition Urban

Mostly used after a good kill or shot, mainly in FPS (1st Person Shooter), rect is a misspelled version of the word “wrecked”. M8 should be M + Eight = Mate. I often see people write “get rect” to someone when that person makes a mistake or when they hit the person towards a target. What this means is not immediately clear. I guess “rect” means “destroyed,” but why would anyone seek destruction if they have lost something? What does this colloquial language really mean on the Internet? Telling someone to be “destroyed” (in the context of a game) can be similar to telling someone to “kill themselves.” Implicit in the imperative is that the person to whom it is addressed is so bad, or that the commentator hates them so much that they should simply kill or destroy themselves. Here, the Frederick (merchant ship) was destroyed in 1818. This definition is at least two years older than all game references. What could easily have been interpreted as an abbreviation that was quickly typed in the middle of a League of Legends game was actually the confusing text of a plastered guy telling his friends how tired he was. But it only took another year for the players to understand the jargon. “Rect,” also known as #rekt, is an Internet slang term that is an abbreviation for “castaway,” often used in online games to indicate that someone has been defeated or embarrassed, similar to the term “pwned.” Entstehungsgeschichte am 6.

In June 2011, urban dictionary user PossiblyCouldOKIWill submitted an entry for the term “rect” that defines it as SMS slang for the term “wrecked”: “Text for “wrecked” because you`re so drunk that you forgot your name, but just typed a text to your friend whose missing person called you.” On October 13, 2012, Balrogboogie, a member of the World of Warcraft Forum, wrote a thread titled “Get Rekt Ally Scrublords”. On October 13, 2013, Tale Worlds Forums4 member Unicorn submitted a thread about the North American dueling tournament for the Mount and Blade role-playing game. On October 31, a Twitter user tweeted @SSoHPKC his idea of a Halloween prank with the phrase “Get reKt.” Over the next four months, the tweet garnered more than 490 favorites and 440 retweets. EDIT: To be destroyed in oneself means to be hurt or beaten. See Urban Dictionary again. It can also be used as a standard imperative to order the interlocutor to be destroyed or destroyed. The slight irony here is that you give the imperative after the destruction has already taken place. If there is anything that can remind us of the futility of war, it is those destroyed and dismembered bodies. The shoals on the west side are dangerous and several ships were destroyed during entry. The first definition of the player-centric urban dictionary for rect was published in May 2013, but in October 2012, a player named Balrogboogie unwittingly invented how rect is mainly used today.

Player slang is an abbreviation for “castaway,” a word used only when something has been so damaged that it no longer works. Its shortened and viral brother shares a very similar definition, only to describe the physical or emotional destruction inflicted on the being. As he approached the destroyed nest, Patterson saw one of the eagles on the ground exposed near the base of the tree. What a thoughtless fool she had been; She had destroyed her own life and that of her cousin through her evil madness. When the maids returned from shore, the peacocks had ravaged the waiting food. According to Google Trends, Rekt appeared in Google searches and on internet discussion forums in mid-2014. However, the first definition of “Rekt” in the Urban Dictionary was submitted in June 2011 by user PossiblyCouldOKIWill. It reads: The mob of relatives and friends destroyed and burned the castle and massacred the partisans on a man. Note that wrecked = (very) drunk is mainly a British usage, so most likely the vast majority of people who have used rect in recent years are not familiar with this meaning. They simply see it as a “cute” way to write a word that means destroyed (figuratively, totally defeated in online games, etc.). Baugh responded to the first attack in 1993 and helped tow crashed cars out of the bombed garage.

The effects of this action are often visible when a ship loaded with bricks or coal is destroyed on the coast. Both eagles are almost certainly dead after a major storm destroyed their nest last year. Rekt is an exemplary example of the gaming culture that is invading the mainstream. Its popularity online may be due to the slang of the players, but its origin actually has nothing to do with the game. It is always better to become rectified or rectified by those for whom you have love. Balrogboogie`s diss post has since been deleted, so it`s impossible to see how much traction it has garnered on WoW`s forums, but has clearly struck a chord with online RPG fans. If you want to see how Xfactor judges pull it off, watch www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4EwKrTgtLQ 360-degree head shot with a sniper rifle without aiming in a random Call of Duty game (also 360 Noscope). The comments are full of cheesy puns and people arguing for no good reason. It`s a typical online video game forum etiquette, but that`s where its takeover of the internet began. Competitive games can turn longtime friends into angry rivals.

One second, you`re hanging in your friend`s living room, the next, you pinch a controller and tell your boyfriend “git gud.” Of course, as is often the case with slang, it is often used with great irony or lack of seriousness. 4chan is widely known as a hub for right-wing trolls and other unwanted people, and the original “Anon gets rekt” message drew many racist comments. Nevertheless, Rekt has thrived on a surprisingly healthy way of joking with friends online. An anonymous 4chan user shared the story of his girlfriend who tested positive for HIV in January 2014, to which another user responded with “LOL rect.” A year later, a screenshot of the feed appeared on Reddit with the topic “Anon gets rekt” and received 1,300 positive votes. Submission was one of the first “anon gets rect” memes, which has since become a meme format in its own right. To top it off, members of one faction cannot communicate with members of the other because each speaks a different language in the game.


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