Wits Bachelor of Medicine Requirements
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Wits Bachelor of Medicine Requirements

Compliance with the minimum requirements does not guarantee a place of study. The university has a number of places for first-year students accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training. The final selection is subject to availability of places, academic results and, where applicable, other admission requirements. It was founded in 2002 when the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits University) purchased Kenridge Hospital with a founding gift from the Donald Gordon Foundation. The facility was later renamed Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre. Methods: Annual statistics and patient reports from the NM departments of Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg and Chris Hani Baragwanath University Hospitals from January 2004 to December 2019 were analyzed. The International Atomic Energy Agency regularly sends fellows from other African countries for training in nuclear medicine. Physicians enroll in the MMed (Nuc Med) and pharmacists and scientists enroll in the master`s degree in nuclear medicine, while technologists (radiologists) can enroll in the CPUT for a bachelor`s degree in nuclear medicine. MISSION: To promote the clinical role of nuclear medicine in the scientific care of the community We have an established centre of excellence, the Thyroid Cancer Clinic, which takes place every Wednesday and cares for patients outside Gauteng province.

Another centre of excellence is our unique scintillation laboratory, which is only one of two in the country measuring glomerular filtration rate (GRF) to prepare potential kidney transplant donors. It is also the only laboratory in the country that offers the 14C breath test for H. pylori, offering its services to private pathology laboratories. Our internal electronic records and information technology (VENUS) system is also unique in the public sector in South Africa. The Registrar training takes place over 4 years at CMJAH and CHBAH. GEMP candidates can be invited to the Wits Additional Placement Test (WAPT). For more information about WAPT, see: www.wits.ac.za/health/gemp Tasks include examining and diagnosing patients, prescribing medications, performing minor surgeries, and treating injuries, illnesses, and other conditions. Once qualified, it is essential that two years of probationary and another year of community service be completed before the qualified medical practitioner can complete his specialist training. Matrix Requirements to Study Medicine at Wits: The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh) is a 6-year full-time course. The curriculum is the standard qualification for the medical profession. Objectives: The objective of this retrospective audit is to describe the evolution of the profile of nuclear medicine (NM) studies in WITS teaching hospitals from 2004 to 2019.

Some fellows are sent for shorter training periods without enrolling in formal training programs. The main specialties of this 190-bed facility are transplant surgery, oncology (children and adults), gastroenterology (medical and surgical), geriatrics, interventional radiology, otolaryngology, urology, nephrology, cardiology, women`s health and orthopedics. Tel: +27 (0)11 717 1888, or Book a request with www.wits.ac.za/askwits The unit provides clinical nuclear medicine services to the four teaching hospitals in Johannesburg and their clusters on a daily basis. Due to limited resources and nuclear medicine facilities located only in the two tertiary hospitals (CHBAH and CMJAH) in South Gauteng, services are also provided in the North West Province. Our nuclear medicine team works hard to provide world-class imaging and therapy services to our patients, provide exceptional training to our registrars and radiologists, and conduct innovative research that impacts the practice of nuclear medicine in our community. Enquiries can be sent to Lindiwe Nkosi at lindiwe.nkosi@wits.ac.za Please contact Lindiwe Nkosi at lindiwe.nkosi@wits.ac.za to find out when vacancies are open and to leave your contact details. In this center, nuclear medicine in South Africa was designed. Our department is part of an 832-bed teaching hospital in Pretoria, right in the heart of South Africa`s capital. In this dynamic hospital, the department is committed to improving patient care by maintaining and promoting the highest possible standards in education, research and clinical application of nuclear medicine.

To accommodate our international colleagues, we have a short refresher course (Nuclear Medicine Observation Program) for fellows in geographic areas where nuclear medicine facilities are very limited. They are usually trained in places where nuclear medicine is widely used. VISION: Become a “world-class” unit that is a role model for others The Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre (WDGMC) is the first and only private teaching hospital in South Africa. Earning the MBBCh degree opens the door to a variety of exciting and challenging careers. Surgeons, pediatricians, pathologists, radiologists, primary care physicians all start with an MBBCh. The Faculty of Health Sciences uses a composite index to guide the selection of candidates. These include:1) Your enrollment results for five subjects: English, Mathematics, Physics/Life Sciences and the other two major subjects. We look at the percentage achieved, not the symbol.2) National Baseline Test (NBT) results.

ALL GEMP candidates must prepare for WAPT in case they are invited to take the test. • ALL GEMP candidates invited to WAPT must complete a biographical questionnaire on the day of the test. • ALL BSc (Occupational Therapy) applicants must spend time observing an occupational therapist and completing a certificate of attendance. Each of the two components has a 50% weighting. Wits Plus Applicants: Payment terms are in accordance with university regulations and students are not eligible for university/NSFAS scholarships or dormitories. Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy BSc (Physiotherapy) (4 years) This course trains students who have never been enrolled in a university to become doctors. As a doctor, you are allowed to treat people with illnesses and injuries, prescribe medications, and gather information about patients. South Africa offers great opportunities for doctors. There is an urgent need for doctors in underserved areas, and providing high-quality prevention, diagnosis and therapy services in a resource-poor environment is a challenge. In underserved areas of South Africa, there is an urgent need for doctors to provide high-quality preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic services. The country offers modern facilities in academic and private practice environments with the ability to conduct research at multiple levels. June 30 Faculty of Health Sciences (all programs of study) Bachelor of Architecture B in Audiology and B in Speech-Language Pathology Do you already have a degree? GEMP offers entry into the third year of the MBBCh degree at Wits for qualified graduates who wish to become doctors.

The third to sixth years of the MBBCh program include integrated multidisciplinary and clinical courses. Since each academic year is mandatory, no student can be accepted into the program after the third year of study. Registration deadline: June 30, 2022 | Residency Applications: September 30, 2022 However, the personal rewards of giving back and changing so many people`s lives are worth it. On the other hand, the country offers modern facilities in academic and private practice environments with the opportunity to participate in research at multiple levels. September 30 All other university programs Applications for financial support and residency More information can be found in the Nuclear Medicine Residency Training Booklet Because of its relationship with the Faculty of Health Sciences at Wits University, patients have access to specialists who have been recruited because they are leaders in their field and involved in cutting-edge and patient care in South Africa and abroad.


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