Why Is Legally Blonde Trending
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Why Is Legally Blonde Trending

It`s been 21 years since Elle Woods first introduced “Bend and Snap” to the public, but Legally Blonde is anything but old-fashioned. In fact, although the film celebrates its 21st anniversary (making it a cancer rather than a “twin vegetarian”), Elle`s iconic aesthetic is more influential than ever. From her titular light blonde curls to her penchant for pink ensembles, the adorable law student practically wrote the rulebook — or perhaps the legislation — about Barbiecore beauty. Women have been judged on their appearance for as long as we can remember. The film shows how she is stereotyped as a “stupid blonde” and is not taken seriously, even though she has completed her LSAT and has a cumulative GPA of 4.0. This leads to the point where she is seen dressing to fit law school, completely ignoring her pink “signature color.” This is still true when you consider that women are expected to present themselves in the professional world in a certain way in order to be taken seriously. While WFH outfits may not be crucial right now, wearing the trendy color and all the positive qualities that come with it certainly can`t hurt as an act of self-care. Below you can buy 14 pink pieces, from outerwear to accessories. From the beginning, we know that She is a woman who loves her beauty rituals. It`s obvious, from her plump blonde hair and impeccable French manicure to the various makeup and skincare products that adorn her vanity in the opening credits. As “Perfect Day” is played by Hoku, we see references to the pillars of Elle`s beauty: OPI nail polish, a box of Herbal Essence blonde hair dye, and a few Clinique products, including Dramatic Different moisturizing lotion, Happy fragrance, and the famous Blush Compact green marble. Clinique`s presence was so evident throughout the film that it seemed like an obvious product placement, but the brand claimed to have no knowledge of paid advertising in a 2017 Refinery29 article.

(In the story, makeup artist James Vincent suggested this was due to brand awareness, as Clinique appeared in several other films that also came out in the early years.) The clothes and style were more than decorative, which is why the film turns out to be a fashion film. The visual choices were intentional: Rosa was more than just an emblem of femininity, and she was more than the stereotype of a Malibu Barbie. In the film, Elle`s exaggerated femininity focuses on how society views pretty women who love feminine things, and women who, for whatever reason, have been overlooked at first glance. And for her ability to strike a chord, Legally Blonde is loved by people who don`t necessarily look like Reese. “Obviously, there`s a symbiosis between [these women] and Elle Woods,” De Rakoff told Vogue. “Because on the surface, she was a stupid blonde, but obviously the point of Legal Blonde is that that`s not what was happening beneath the surface.” Twenty years ago, the 13th. In July, Legally Blonde debuted in movie theaters and a powerful pink goddess named Elle Woods found her way into our consciousness. Reese Witherspoon plays Elle, a beloved sorority president who decides to enroll in Harvard Law School to win back her budding ex-boyfriend. Although the film is full of “blonde bimbo” jokes, we learn that she is strong, smart, determined, and successful in law school, just as she puts on a gorgeous outfit.

Predictably, the blonde is at the heart of the film, and preserving all hairstyle moments was a concerted effort by stylists Joy Zapata and Linda Arnold (both of whom were honored for their work by the Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild). Colorists Nancy Braun and Dawn Ellinwood were also hired to create the shade between Elle`s Beach L.A. Blonde, Brooke`s more sophisticated New York blonde (Ali Larter) and Paulette`s (Jennifer Coolidge) tight blonde. It is this femininity that is really at the heart of Legally Blonde, as She is a sister with blonde hair and an enviable wardrobe made of designer clothes. “You`re going to see a blonde in pink with a dog and you`re going to say Elle Woods, like a common thing in the universe,” she says. “I love Ariana Grande`s video. It was the biggest tribute to me, because it was in [Her`s] mind, and leaning and slamming is such an iconic part. There`s so much iconography in this film that doesn`t have to do specifically with clothing. It all worked like a huge piece of the puzzle. Over the past two decades, we have faced countless public narratives of misogyny and harassment. We are currently watching Britney Spears` fight against her conservatory expose historical failures in our treatment of young women as the #MeToo movement continues to shine a light on systemic abuse by powerful men. For those who may not know, Legally Blonde follows Witherspoon`s Elle Woods as she enrolls in Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend (Matthew Davis) from her new love Vivian (Selma Blair).

Six years after the film`s release, “Legally Blonde: The Musical” premiered on Broadway in 2007. A year later, in 2008, “Legally Blonde: The Musical – The Search for Elle Woods” premiered on MTV and showed the search for the woman who would portray Elle Woods in the musical. Eventually, the search ended with Bailey Hanks taking the lead role in Woods, according to the musical`s website. The film is famous for its iconic style moments, including the sequined bikini she wears for her Harvard video essay (which Kim Kardashian replicated on Halloween 2019), the Playboy bunny`s fancy dress party faux pas, and the pink leather jacket and pencil skirt she wears upon her arrival at Harvard. Legal Blonde burst onto the big screen in 2001. What we`ve already seen as another cute romantic comedy about sister Elle Woods, who took the Harvard law to find the love of her life, has become much more for law students and lawyers. Years later, she is still influential for women entering the legal profession and for lawyers. Since at least 2018, Witherspoon and the rest of the cast and crew have been teasing a third part of “Legally Blonde.” Although the premiere was scheduled for May 2022, a recent interview given by Witherspoon gives the impression that this release date has been pushed back once again.

“We`re working on a script right now and if we have a script, we can make a movie,” Witherspoon told Variety when he attended a red carpet event in December 2021. Mindy Kaling is writing the screenplay and Luke Wilson, who portrayed Woods` love interest in the film, could also return to the star in the third episode of “Legally Blonde,” according to Digital Spy.


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