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Reddit Joint Legal Custody

While the court did not sanction the other parent, but granted joint custody, the issues were not deemed significant enough to affect their ability to make parenting decisions. I really, really believe that if I don`t win 50/50 custody, she`ll take it away from me when she or I start dating someone new. If both parties have joint legal representation, do they both need the permission of the other to leave the country? Hello. I`m just wondering if anyone knows the possible legal implications of my current situation? For your information, I have sole custody and we have joint custody of our sons. My sons` father wanted them to go back to online school this fall, given the current COVID situation. I thought it was reasonable to take the time to see how the numbers would fall apart. After this first semester, the numbers in my sons` schools remained at no more than 3 cases per week. Most weeks were at zero and some at one. My boys are not good academically and more worryingly, I can see that their emotional health suffers. My sons want to go back to school and I feel that their physical safety is not at risk given the precautions taken. Another related information. I`m a teacher, so I`m in an elementary school full time. I see the efforts our schools will make to protect our students and teachers and I think it will be made as safe as possible.

My question is: If they want to come back, and I support that option, but he is against it, how can we move forward without causing an explosion? Thank you for all the advice you can offer. In any case, you can apply for joint custody. The sooner you do it, the better. Be careful. This doesn`t work well for many children, especially if parents don`t get along. They want children to have stability and constantly move between two houses, their whole childhood can be very difficult. Another alternative is to get weekly visits instead of every two weeks. I don`t know if this is the right place to write about it, but I`ve researched articles or researched the experiences of people who grew up with parents who shared custody. Just document everything you can when interacting with their environment if you really want sole custody. edit: To clarify, I am the mother. My ex was on track to get full custody of our daughter until I showed up with a lawyer. His lawyer was a neighbour who had full custody of his three daughters, two different mothers.

If my lawyer had been inferior, I have no doubt that my husband would have been granted custody. The legal system is almost impossible for the layman to understand, let alone conquer. Also, I`m in Texas if it helps with legal answers. I just had this conversation with my 22-year-old son recently. He was 10 years old when we separated. He said he really liked the 50/50 split (one week off, one week off). He felt he could be part of homes and families because he didn`t have to constantly pack his bags and move on. Also, we`ve always had a very flexible custody arrangement, so he said it helps him not feel like he`s causing trouble for everyone when plans change.

I have primary physical custody of my child. My ex and I share joint custody. I live in New Jersey. He took the position that he has veto power over everything about my child to exert control over me. I am a mother, but I wanted to answer because I have experienced a few custody cases, including one with my (now ex) husband to pick up his daughter (from her first marriage). We had it. I`m not a lawyer, so take whatever you want. Although he never kept them 50% of the time, and I took care of all their medical and academic needs, and most of the time he didn`t bother to pay child support, I kept it as joint custody because it was right in my eyes. Crashes.

Joint Legal doesn`t really cover leaving the country. Getting passports, yes, but the U.S. doesn`t care who leaves the country. An agency is unlikely to stop anyone from leaving the country unless there is something marked at the State Department. I have 50/50 custody (and school title) of my children (currently 17 and 14). One thing you need to keep in mind is that 50/50 custody doesn`t mean proving she`s an imperfect parent. It is your desire to be parents and participate in your child`s education. The courts like shared parenting and they like shared custody.

You are on solid feet, just remove it. So yes, I would choose joint every day. It`s really sad to see my daughter suffering or sad. And it`s a huge pain to raise them all by yourself. I love them and our bond is unique because of our situation, but I would prefer a better arrangement for all of us involved. My DH and I have shared custody (2-2-3 schedule) and are really curious about how this has affected people`s lives as adults. I`m friends with a family lawyer, and when I filed a complaint in my state (KS), she laughed out loud at the ridiculous idea that I would one day get sole custody and that the primary school was questionable, but better. In most states, shared custody is the standard situation, there is nothing to fight.

Physical guard is usually the battlefield in most situations. Let`s say you and your child`s other parent have a common legal relationship and you find yourself in a situation where you both disagree about something, such as some medical treatment.


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