Race and Social Justice Law Review
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Race and Social Justice Law Review

The University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review, formerly known as The Black Law Review, is a student journal dedicated to promoting and publishing scholarly articles dealing with legal, social, economic, and psychological issues affecting communities of color. St. Mary`s Law Review on Race & Social Justice seeks to speak on behalf of minorities by tending, informing, sharing, educating and growing with the wider community. The goal of The Scholar is to give all minorities a “voice” in the publication of a legal journal on issues that affect all minorities. Everything Is Bigger in Texas: Including Grossly Inadequate Attempts to Provide Special Education and Related Services to All Children with Disabilities, by Alexandria R. Booterbaugh Sexual Profiling & BlaQueer Furtivity: BlaQueers on the Run, by T. Anansi Wilson. Fanon, colonial violence and racist language in Indian federal lawJoubin Khazaie. America: The Police of the World – How the Police Movement Formulates Analysis for Military Defunding, by Anya Kreider Mom Dearest?: Postpartum Psychosis, the American Legal System, and the Criminalization of Mental IllnessAllison Dopazo How to Protect Special Education During COVID-19: From the Courts to the CapitolSarah Coleman. Please forgive our dust as we migrate previous editions of The Scholar: St. Mary`s Law Review on Race and Social Justice to this new website.

If you need previous editions, please visit heinonline-org.skell.idm.oclc.org/HOL/Index?index=journals/schom&collection=journals.


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