Pride Parade Rules
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Pride Parade Rules

4) Throwing objects from a float is not allowed at any time. All units are responsible for any additional cleaning or costs incurred as a result of their actions. Belts/handles: All passengers standing or sitting on the float must wear a seat belt or have grab handles or other assistance while the float is moving. No driver is allowed to board the float. Any float with riders or objects hanging above the front edge or during the parade will be removed from the line of march. All drivers must be in the car by 6:30 p.m. Placement: The organization reserves the exclusive right to place participants in any position of the parade it deems appropriate. The organization will try to respond to the requests of the participants, but does not give any guarantees. If you have a special requirement, please contact

All groups must obtain KPD approval 30 minutes before the start of the parade. LICENSE. Any vehicle entering and/or participating in the parade area must take out at least one liability insurance. Each driver must present a valid driver`s license. Proof of insurance and driver`s license are required upon check-in on the morning of the Portland Pride Parade. 3) All participants must be lined up and ready to leave by 10 a.m., and all floats must be in the assembly area by 9 a.m. with proper identification to participate in the parade. Insurance and driver`s license: Any contingent vehicle entering the parade area and/or participating in the parade must have liability insurance and the driver must have a valid driver`s license, proof of which must be presented when registering for the parade. A: All vehicles participating in the parade must have a permit for the 2018 Capital Pride Parade. Each list comes with an approval and additional permits cost $75 each. Your approval will be emailed to you with the installation time.

All commercial vehicles that normally require a commercial driver`s license must have a CDL operator. 6) No group may display logos other than their own. No brand sponsorship of any kind by third parties is allowed on the parade route. Any group with a third-party logo (e.g. on a vehicle or on signs) will not be allowed to ride on the route. A: If your contingent plans to donate items along the parade route, they will need to be thrown into the crowd. Do not hand out gifts as crowds will gather and cause significant delays in the circulation of the parade. Spectators are not allowed to approach the parade contingents. Your contingent commissioners should help enforce this – their goal is to protect your contingent. Please note that gifts should not be thrown or whipped to judges.

On the morning of the parade, cars are not allowed on the streets of the main parade route. So, plan to walk a lot. Comfortable shoes are a must for the serious night owl of Pride Day. Jeff G. Q: Where and when should my contingent arrive on the day of the parade? The parade continues, rain or shine. Bring plenty of bottled water and sunscreen. Refrigerated buses will be available in Halsted, south of Belmont; Addison, west of Halsted; Belmont, east of Broadway; Wilton, north of Belmont; Buena, west of Broadway. 1) Vehicles and protesters will line up in various areas, which will be communicated to all participants before the parade. Any person driving the wagon must be on board before leaving the transit area.

No one is allowed to board their vehicle at the start line of the parade; This must be done in the waiting area of the vehicle. There won`t be plenty of parking near rally or parade routes, so if you`re driving, be prepared to park outside the immediate vicinity. Beware of temporary no-parking signs. Signs and banners: To facilitate parade announcement and television coverage, each contingent participating in the parade must be preceded by a sign or banner with the name of the organization or company, or the contingent must have the name clearly visible on its vehicle. The extension number must be affixed to the banner or window of your vehicle or worn by the designated direction of the parade, whichever is most visible to advertisers and video cameras. The extension number must be placed in the upper left corner of the banner or on the passenger window of a vehicle. Throw from your contingent: Parade participants are not allowed to throw objects into the crowd. This means that you are not allowed to throw items out of your unit, float or car. Items can be delivered. NOTE: A penalty of $150 will be charged for each violation. If your entrance is removed from the parade; Participation fees will not be refunded. PHOTOGRAPHY.

During the Portland Pride Waterfront Festival and Parade, photographers and videographers will capture digital and traditional photos and videos. Use of these photographs and images is at the sole discretion, right and property of Pride Northwest, Inc. By completing the parade registration form, participants hereby release all participants` interests for these photos or videos taken during the events. Drugs and Alcohol: It is illegal to possess or consume alcohol or drugs while participating on the streets of the City of San Diego, SDMC Regulation 56.54(a). Illegal behavior and/or violations of the law will not be tolerated in the staging, route and distribution area of the SD Pride parade. You are responsible for any fines, costs, arrests, injuries or imprisonment that may occur if you violate these or other laws. In addition, violations will be an immediate reason for exclusion from the parade. Please advise your participants not to consume alcohol or drugs before or during the parade Animal quotas: All animals must be kept on a leash and cared for at all times. Each animal quota must ensure the cleaning of all waste generated by the animals. Garbage should not be left on the street. Violators will be immediately evicted from the staging, parade or distribution area and will be required to pay a $150 cleaning fee.

All animals are supervised by the San Diego Humane Society and ASPCA.


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